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Bianco Lasa Covelano Macchia Vecchia


Close-up of Bianco Lasa Covelano Macchia Vecchia marble with distinctive black veining from Antolini's Exclusive Collections

Patagonia "Original" Extra

Natural Quartz

Globalhome's best selling natural stone, Patagonia Original Extra, from Antolini

Calacatta Verde


Calacatta Verde marble up close showing the natural dark green streaks

Le Pell Azul


Antolini Exclusive Le Pell Azul marble with detailed gray and copper veining

Patagonia Glace

Natural Quartz

A Patagonia Glace slab with soft white and brown natural  colors

Cristallo Rosa "Wow"

Natural Quartz

Cristallo Rosa natural quartz with delicate pink and gold veining from Antolini

Cristallo Traslux

Natural Quartz

The mostly white Cristallo Traslux with its natural etches and textural surface

Dover White


Another Globalhome bestseller: Dover White, showing its black and gray patterns flowing against its white base

Quarzite Celadon


A homogenous gray slab of Quarzite Celadon

Fusion Wow "Multicolor"


An explosion of red, white, brown and black blended together in the Fusion Wow "Multicolor" surface

Elegant Brown


The flowy and elegant brown veins of the Elegant Brown slab

Irish Green


Variegated Irish Green marble from Antolini with rich green and white layers.

Explosion Blue


The hypnotic water-like streaks of multiple shades of blue on an Explosion Blue quartzite



A zoomed in view of the aptly named "Hurricane" marble and its large chaotic veins of gray, light brown and black


Soft Quartzite

The textured surface of the gray and faint brown colored Corteccia slab

Matrix 3-D


Antolini Matrix 3D Stratos texture with layered gray slate design

Kosmus "A"


The rough but sophisticated gray Kosmus "A" granite

Black Ice


An almost completely black slab of Black Ice granite showing its natural cracks and streaks across the stone's surface

Zebrino Black


A zebrino black slab of marble with its white and gray zebra-like lines across the stone

Spectrolite Blue


A clear view of the mesmerizing blue gem-like surface of a Spectrolite Blue slab

Sahara Noir


A picture of the straight white and orange streaks on the black sahara noir marble

Black Cosmic


A photo of a black cosmic slab showing the minimal natural white spots on the dark granite



Zoom in of a dark belvedere granite slab with luxurious gold and white patterns across a black stone

Python Black


Python Black granite with striking grey veins against a solid black base of stone
bianco lasa macchia vecchia stone lighting

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a past project using the agata black slab as an accent piece

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Globalhome Natural Stone Collection

antolini stone placement guide
antolini size guide
patagonia (2).jpg

Patagonia Original "Extra"

Natural Quartz

antolini guide
antolini guide

Antolini Innovations

In addition to raw materials, Antolini is also recognized for its expertise in stone processing and craftsmanship. The company utilizes advanced technology and innovative techniques to enhance the natural beauty of the stones, creating exquisite slabs and tiles that are used in prestigious residential, commercial, and hospitality projects worldwide.

Antolini's commitment to quality, sustainability, and design excellence has made it a preferred choice among architects, designers, and homeowners who seek to incorporate the timeless elegance and sophistication of natural stone into their spaces.

Antolini Quarry

Antolini Azerocare plus

This process protects natural stones against scratches and stains caused by chemicals and acidic organic substances.

Antolini Azerobact plus

A patented Antolini process for increasing the performance of its natural stones, making them healthier and more hygienic.

Antolini Vacuum Process

An innovation from Antolini that strengthens the entire slab through exclusive vacuum technology and high-quality resins.

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As the exclusive distributor of Antolini natural stones in the Philippines, Globalhome ensures the highest quality from our collection.


Antolini is a renowned Italian company that specializes in the extraction, processing, and distribution of natural stones, particularly marble and granite. Established in 1956, it has built a reputation for delivering the finest and most luxurious products designed by nature.

With its exquisite selection of unique and exclusive natural stones sourced from quarries around the globe, the company offers a wide range of materials, including marble, granite, onyx, travertine, and quartzite, each with distinctive colors, patterns, and textures perfect for any design.

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