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Why choose SapienStone?

In this section, we will be explaining what separates SapienStone sintered stone from other porcelain countertops.

Technology & Knowledge

With over 50 years of experience, SapienStone is the pioneer for sintered stone technology, with innovations with Hypertouch, 4D Ceramics, and Active Surfaces.

They have complete control over the entire production process, from packaging the finished products to processing raw materials. Other companies look to outsource certain processes in the creation of their countertops, meaning they cannot trace the entire production cycle. And unlike other brands, SapienStone has its own production plants, making it easier to accommodate and customize their customers' designs. 

Through Coloring

Their products are uniformly colored throughout, unlike most porcelain products. SapienStone guarantees the consistency of the colors, even at the edges of the countertop, which cannot be achieved by other companies. 


SapienStone has its own separate design staff that specializes in creating unique and realistic patterns that emulate the natural aesthetics from nature. They are experts in using sintered stone technology and have more than 50 years of knowledge passed down from the business. Other companies buy designs from photo databases, so they cannot offer the exclusive designs like SapienStone. 

Sapienstone is the only brand on the current market offering induction cookers in the same color and pattern as its kitchen countertops, forming a seamless and single uninterrupted surface. Using the latest technological advancements, the countertop only conducts heat through metal, meaning that the induction cooker is safe to touch immediately after removing the pan.

Integrated induction cookers

Through veins 

SapienStone is the originator of the concept of through veins in its countertop design. This means that the colors and patterns run through the entire thickness of the sintered stone, and not just on the top surface. 

To browse our available SapienStone countertops, visit the Globalhome branches in the Philippines in Alabang, BGC, Ortigas, Quezon City, and Tarlac.

Visit our SapienStone Showrooms

For more SapienStone products, visit our Tops page. Also, you can contact us here to inquire about them for your next project. 

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