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5 TOTO Neorest Smart Toilets in front of a clean body of water
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Welcome to your comprehensive guide on how to clean your NEOREST Smart Toilet and WASHLET from TOTO. Maintaining the pristine condition of your bathroom fixtures is Globalhome's top priority, so in this guide, we'll walk you through a step-by-step process to ensure that your bathroom not only looks and feels sparkling clean, but also operates at its peak performance.


Whether you're tackling regular upkeep or deep cleaning, this guide will provide you with all the necessary tips and techniques needed for maintenance. So let's dive into the essentials of keeping your TOTO products in excellent condition.

Things to keep in mind:

1. The WASHLET and NEOREST are electronic devices. Please make sure to unplug them prior to cleaning and prevent all traces of water and cleanser from getting inside them, as this could cause malfunctions within the units. 

2. Attachments are well designed so they can be easily removed and cleaned. Excessive force is not recommended.

3. Only use a soft cloth moistened with water when cleaning surfaces. Do not use toilet paper, dry cloths, microfiber, sponges, or brushes as these can cause scratches or the generation of static electricity which could potentially cause malfunctions as well. 

4. If the unit is particularly dirty or soiled, it is recommended to use a soft cloth moistened with diluted neutral cleanser. (Do not use acidic cleansers.) Follow up by wiping with a damp cloth to ensure that no cleanser residue remains on the surface.

White Neorest toilet
TOTO Neorest diagram labeling where the top and bowl units are

NEOREST Maintenance

Diagram of the power plug of a neorest toilet

How to clean the Power Plug (Approximately once a month)

1. Disconnect the power plug and wipe it with a dry cloth.

2. When disconnecting, hold the main body of the power plug, not the power cord.

3. Insert the power plug. (Make sure the LED lights up.)

A gray unlabaled bottle of detergent beside a toilet brush
A gray unlabeled bottle beside a crossed out circle symbol


- Toilet brush

- Neutral toilet detergent


- Strongly acidic cleaners or strong alkaline cleaners

- Cleaners containing abrasive compounds

- Fluoride-based detergent (containing hydrogen fluoride or

ammonium fluoride)

- Wire brush

- Abrasive nylon scrubbing brush

How to clean the Bowl Unit (Approximately daily)

1. Unplug the power plug

2. Clean with a toilet brush or any similar commercial tool

- If the bowl unit is clogged, use a plunger and provide at least 10 cm (0.33 ft) clearance between the top of the bowl unit and the water surface.

Diagram of where to put the plunger in a neorest smart toilet

10 cm (0.33 ft)

- If the surrounding floor is dirty, clean it with a well-wrung cloth

3. Insert the power plug.

CAUTION with use of
Detergent on TOTO items

*When using toilet cleaner, wash it off within 3 minutes and leave the toilet seat and lid open. Wipe off any cleaner that stays on the bowl since malfunctions may occur should the vapor from the chemicals enter the electrical parts. 

*Do not us any water repellant, stain-proofing cleaner or surface coating agent. These would not damage the products, but they may cover the surfaces with a new coating that is not part of the original TOTO design and potentially reduce the effect of the built-in stain prevention technology.

3. Insert power plug.

Gray neutral detergent icon

-Use Neutral Detergent

- Paint thinner

- Benzene

- Powdered Cleanser

How to clean the Top Unit (Approximately daily)

1. Unplug the power plug

2. Wipe surface with a soft cloth that has been soaked in water and wrung-out thoroughly

-For heavy dirt, wipe with a soft cloth soaked in diluted, neutral detergent,  and   then   wipe   with  a  soft  cloth   soaked in water

3. Clean with a tool such as a toothbrush. When washing with water, dry off all water before mounting again. 

4. Mount the deodorizing filter until you hear a click.

5. Insert the power plug. 

How to clean the TOTO Deodorizing Filter (approximately once a month)

1. Unplug the power plug.

2. Remove the deodorizing filter by using the notch.

A zoomed in diagram showing where the notch is on the deodorizing filter

Deodorizing Filter


How to clean the TOTO Water Filter Drain Valve (approximately once every 6 months, or if the water pressure has significantly weakened)

1. Remove the side panel on the left.

2. Close the shutoff valve to stop water supply.

3. Extend the wand with the remote to release the pressure from the water supply pipe. (Refer to wand section above.)

4. Unplug the power plug.

5. Remove the cover and water filter drain valve. Loosen it with a flat-head screwdriver and then pull.

A diagram showing where the cover of the water filter drain valve is and how to remove it
A diagram showing where the shutoff valve is and to turn it clockwise to turn it off

6. Clean with a tool such as a toothbrush. Also, remove any dust from inside the hole of the water filter drain valve.

7. Reinstall the water filter drain valve and cover. Tighten it securely with a flat-head screwdriver.

8. Insert the power plug.

9. Open the shutoff valve.

10. Reinstall the side panel.

A diagram showing where the water filter drain valve is in a washlet


Do not remove the water filter drain valve while the shutoff valve is open. Otherwise, water may leak out and damage the electrical parts of the unit.

Side panel

A diagram showing where to reinstall the side panel of the shutoff valve

Washlet Maintenance

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For repairs, visit the Globalhome TOTO service center in Bonifacio Global City, Taguig, Philippines.

TOTO Maintenance & Repair Center

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a plumber's hands tightening a pipe under a sink with a wrench

For more TOTO products, visit our Sanitary page or our showrooms at BGC and Tarlac. Also, you can contact our customer service trained by TOTO here should you have any concerns or questions about your products.

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A diagram of where to wipe the wand coming out of a washlet
A drawing of a neorest toilet showing where the wand retracts

3. Press the [STOP] button on the remote to retract wand*.

*Refer to the manual, contact our TOTO Customer Service Representatives, or visit our TOTO Service Center should none of these functions work.

How to clean the wand (approximately once a month or if noticeable dirt is seen on the unit)

1. Extend the wand using the remote

2. Wipe wand with a soft, wet cloth.

- Press [MENU]

- Press [ENTER]


- Press [ENTER] 

- Wand should extend and spray water out for cleaning*

- Wand automatically retracts after about 5 minutes.*

- Do not pull, push, or press the wand with excessive force as this may cause malfunctions or damage.

A diagram showing where the wand and deodorizing filter generally are in a TOTO washlet
a drawing of a soft cloth soaked in water together with items that should not be used for washing a washlet (e.g., toilet paper and paper towel)

Soft cloth soaked in water

Do not use toilet paper, paper towel, etc. 

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