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₱20 on your next TOTO.

Exclusive Natural Stone

Design by Nature. Perfected in Italy


Bianco Lasa

Covelano Macchia Vecchia

Black Cosmic

Black Ice

Calacatta Verde


Crema Beach

Dover White

Elegant Brown

Explosion Blue

Patagonia Original

Irish Green


Golden Beach Original

Fusion Wow Multicolor

Python Black

Quarzite Celedon


Zebrino Black

No Name

Stone Technologies & Innovation

Antolini's exclusive technologies and process that adds even more value to the quality of natural stone.

Revolutionary and unprecedented treatment for natural stone

Innovative vacuum technologies, strengthens the entire slab

Advanced treatment for stones, by creating an antibacterial surface


Natural Stone

Exclusive Collection

Natural Stone Application

Granite, Marble, Travertine, Quartzite, Soft Quartzite, Natural Quartz, Onyx, Limestone and Soapstone 

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