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Mexico City, Mexico

Project Lomas Altas

Designed by:

Jaime Arena

Atelier Collection

Heritage Filigrana Civita

This residential project overlooking Mexico City is the culmination of almost 30 years of creative works from Mexican architect Jaime Arena. The harmonious integration of structures with the natural landscape of the area still remains as his top design concept as he respects the beauty of mother nature. 

This house affectionately named as Project Lomas Altas, blends the outside with the inside with its large windows and heigh ceiling to let in as much natural light and fresh air into the space. The extensive use of wood also pairs well with the green spaces outside. 

The main material that he uses for wood is Listone Giordano's Heritage Filigrana Civita from the Atelier Collection. With the structural strength and durability from the multilayered hardwood panels, the architect's choice of material ensures the lasting design of the house.

The all-black steel frames also help highlight the breathtaking views seen outside, framing the trees as works of art themselves.

Atelier Collection

Heritage Filigrana Civita

With some clever designs and strategic use of coverings and space, the bathroom provides the experience of bathing under a forest canopy within the comforts and privacy of the home. 

Wood is very adaptable and can easily be cut into various shapes and patterns, and this is amazingly showcased by Jaime Arena in the picture as he uses these thin wooden panels as blinds to remove the harshness of the sun while also allowing much of the light to enter. The wooden beams not only serve as structural support, but also adds natural geometric designs inside the house. 

Similar to the natural textures of a tree, all the geometric lines in the design are also  parallel, creating a subtle separation of space that leads to the ends of each hallway. 


Heritage Filigrana Civita

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