4 Best Bathroom Designs For 2022

What are the best bathroom designs for 2022?

  1. Warmer colors

  2. Spa-like aesthetics

  3. Bringing nature in

  4. Luxury white marble

When it comes to design, bathrooms are one of the most overlooked parts of the home. Nonetheless, the bathroom deserves to be spruced up because it is used by everyone throughout the day — for getting ready in the morning, refreshing, to even preparing for bedtime. So if this new year is the time you finally put some effort into renovating yours, we’ve listed down the four best bathroom designs for 2022 to spark your inspiration. This 2022, spa-like features, warm colors, and bringing in nature are all the rage according to design experts.

Warmer Colors

More and more design enthusiasts will continue to embrace warmer colors. For a good reason, warmer colors create inviting home spaces.

Homes no longer have the sole purpose of putting a roof over the head. Most people are spending the majority of their time indoors, going as far as transforming their spaces into offices, gyms, and other types of leisure areas. Many want to have a home with a cozy ambiance.

Instead of cold hues that give off a clinical feel like grays or blues, we can expect to see more earth-like swatches. Picking from shades like terracotta, tan, beige, olive, and wood tones will be trending in 2022. Try to incorporate warmer colors into your bathroom.

For example, you can adorn your bathroom floors with the Antolini Elegant Brown tiles. This extraordinary quartzite tile slab has bright red streaks thoroughly blended with shades of green and brown. What makes the Antolini Elegant Brown ideal for the bathroom area is that it is treated with AZerocare. This revolutionary treatment for natural stone offers full protection from staining due to water, which makes cleaning your bathroom easier. Pair this stunning tile with warm-hued furnishings like dark wood sink countertops and mirror frames to upgrade your bathroom design for 2022.

Spa-Like Aesthetics

Features that create a spa-like aesthetic are now trending in 2022 bathroom designs. As mentioned earlier, people want to make their homes sanctuaries. For this reason, keeping decor in bathrooms calming and zen-like is a priority.

One of the best ways to achieve a spa-like bathroom is to minimize clutter. A single look at your bathroom should melt away stress and allow you to breathe, so organize your items and invest in more storage. Then, create a bright and airy look by incorporating plenty of reflective surfaces. Aside from having large-scale mirrors and bigger windows, adding polished tiles like the Antolini Bianco Lasa Covelano Macchia Vecchia can bring in a sense of brightness to your bathroom.

The Antolini Dover White is a marble tile treated with the innovative Avacuumprocess, which not only strengthens the entire tile slab but also allows optimal polishing. The result is a marvelous translucent white natural stone with distinct chromatic veining and crystalline fine grain that elegantly lights up any bathroom. Then, you can opt to install additional light fixtures for enhanced brightness.

Bringing Nature In

More time spent indoors brought the need to feel more connected with greeneries and the outdoors. People want to be able to relieve stress more than ever, which is why bringing in elements of nature is among the best bathroom design trends this 2022.

One way you can bring nature into your bathroom is by placing a few houseplants on your sink countertop. You can also hang a few plant baskets. The great thing about plants is that they instantly make spaces feel rejuvenating when used as decor and there is also an added benefit of improved air quality.

Of course, for the longest time the color green has also been associated with nature. Shades of green are soothing to the eyes and enough to remind anyone about rolling terrains. So if you want to bring nature into your bathroom, try adding a stunning green flooring or wall tile. The Antolini Irish Green tile combines light and dark shades of green and the unique veining makes the tile reminiscent of a moss-filled forest. Add it to your bathroom design to take inspiration from nature!

Luxury White Marble

White marble has long been associated with luxury, sophistication, and class that stands the test of time. For this reason, the design element remains trending among bathroom designs for 2022.

If you want to go for a more high-end statement for your bathroom, then using a white marble tile for your walls and floors is the key. Install the Antolini Dover White tile for a luxurious touch. This milky-white natural tile with irregular gray veining is unmistakably elegant. The best thing about the Antolini Dover White tile is that it is treated with AZerocare, which makes the entire slab easy to clean. You don’t have to worry about maintaining your white marble bathroom floors as it will be resistant to staining, etching, and even color alterations.

Key Takeaway

Take the time to spruce up your bathroom this new year! In this guide, we’ve rounded up the best bathroom designs for 2022 to spark your inspiration.

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