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Antolini Vacuum Process

The Antolini Vacuum Process ® (AVP®) is a valuable process and innovative use of the latest vacuum technologies that vastly improves the sturdiness and quality of natural stone. This allows for the use of rare and fragile sources regardless of structure and petrographic composition, thus it is recommended for the most sought-after materials such as onyx, alabaster, breccia, and quartzite.


With AVP®, Antolini successfully offers its customers the widest array of materials, some of which would only have few applications without the company's innovations. 

Each slab is coated entirely by special resins specifically and exclusively made for Antolini, and through AVP®, it penetrates all the way through its entire thickness. This process binds everything together, and fills all the natural holes and cracks within the stone, making the most brittle materials stronger and more solid.

A diagram showing how the high quality resins penetrate the whole thickness of each sla

The technology is derived from years of extensive research on aviation and naval manufacturing concepts, making sure that each part is secure and strengthened. For the natural stones available from the company, the production process patented by Antolini protects the surface of the most fragile materials, increases their cut resistance, increases flexural strength, and allows for optimal polishing. It also enhances the beauty of the stones as it prevents color degradation as well.

To browse our available Antolini Natural Stones in person, visit the Globalhome branches in the Philippines in Alabang, BGC, Ortigas, Quezon City, and Tarlac.

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For more Antolini products, visit our Stone page. Also, you can contact us here to inquire about them for your next project. 

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