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Globalhome, since year 1996 when its founder entered the tile industry in the Philippines high quality porcelain, ceramic and italian tiles was been supplied and delivered and continuously providing and as the leader in tile industry.


Tile layout is inevitable, when it comes to design of flooring it is utmost important to choose a trusted supplier.
Italian Tiles
This range of collections was inspired by natural feel and looks of Italian culture, elegantly mixed the pattern and arrange to create a balanced and harmonious canvas.
Commercial and Home
Tile is perfect place to show off your personality but keep it simple with sophisticated looks won’t you out of trend in the term.
Outdoor Quality
When choosing tile for high foot traffic or outdoor quality they need to be able to withstand them to all weather condition with right specification.


We are one of the country’s leading tile trading distributors and conducts business with top notching construction companies, industry, wholesale and retailing stores. The total customers commitment is our definition of success. We are motivated and inspired every day by how our customers use our tile products and how they find ways to express their creativity. We are able to offer a wide range collection of floor and wall tiles for your requirement, including many unique tile designs.

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